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The game is a simple, but very bright arcade game. The game has eight levels, five types of flowers, six types of butterflies, two types of creatures that can eat a butterfly (if the butterfly is eaten, the level progress will not be saved). Butterflies differ slightly in shape and speed of following the mouse or finger (if a touch screen is used). New butterflies open as the number of pollinated flowers increases. In order to complete the level you just need to fly over the flowers. Here the color is not important - the main thing is the quantity. At the same time, to unlock the next levels, you need a certain number of certain flowers. To move the butterfly, you just need to click on it with the mouse or finger (if it is a device with a touch screen) and move it to any desired location. The butterfly will follow the cursor. Simple, intuitive and clear. You need to beware of spiders and flycatchers - if the butterfly is eaten, then the level progress will not be saved and all eff


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